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Career Guidance and Counseling

Do you want to find the job that suits you best and make better career decisions?

The chances of having a successful career are higher than you think. You can count on the support of the Evolve today team to discover what job can fulfill and motivate you to become among the best in your field. Our team of consultants offers you career advice and helps you get the job you want, where you have the freedom to evolve professionally, where you can feel involved and appreciated in the long run.

We have created 3 packages of counseling and career guidance sessions, outlined according to your current desires and needs. We help you prepare from A to Z to easily get a future job. We discover together what vocational profile you have and what profession makes you happy and we help you overcome challenges or blockages that stand in the way of your professional goals.

Invest in yourself and grow your career with us.

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Echipa profesionista pentru consiliere si orientare in cariera

Service packages


1. Career Transition

Enjoy an easy transition to a new job

If you are a professional, senior specialist, middle or top manager and you want a new job in your field of activity or a similar one, counseling and career guidance sessions are the ideal opportunity to prepare for finding your dream job. Our team ensures that you showcase the best of your experience and abilities in your CV and improve your LinkedIn profile professionally. Together we design an effective job search strategy and we train you to become among the most prepared candidates for job interviews.


2. Career Orientation

Find out what career makes you happy

Certainly, there are professional fields that will bring you fulfillment and long-term satisfaction. That’s why we help you discover them through coaching and counseling sessions for career guidance. Together we identify the skills, abilities, values, passions, your personality typology and, last but not least, your vocational profile. We define the professions and fields that are suitable for you and we create an action plan with all the necessary steps to build your professional path, which has as its destination a flourishing career.


3. Career Decisions

Overcome any professional hurdle with confidence

Challenges and obstacles at work are part of the learning and professional development process, whether you are a specialist, middle or top manager. If you have to make an important decision in your career or you are facing a blockage, we support you through professional counseling sessions. We help you move to a higher position or get a leadership position in your current company, harmonize your relationships with colleagues, improve team management or develop your self-confidence.

Consilier vocational care se concentreaza in totalitate pe dorintele, nevoile si aspiratiile tale specifice

Which are the benefits of talking to a career counselor?

A career orientation session is an open discussion, that is 100% customized on your desires, needs and aspirations, whether you’re just starting out or needing a career transition.

Together, we can discover the best strategy for you to identify your strengths and use them in your favour. We can help you create an attractive resume that reflects your abilities and help you define your personal and professional brand. Career consultancy is right for you regardless of your experience level: middle, senior or management.

Which are the steps that we will go through în a career coaching session?

We know how important it is for you to get your dream job. This is why the consultants in the Evolve Today team will guide you in the process of consolidating your career path and turn your dream into reality. These are the steps we will go through together in our career consulting sessions:

1. We identify and analyze your abilities, interests, values and personality traits.


2. We discover what motivates you professionally and which are the emotions that stand in the way of your evolution.


3. We evaluate your future career plan and we set up objectives that are specific, measurable and actionable.


2. We discover what motivates you at work and which are the emotions that stand in the way of your professional evolution.


3. We evaluate your future career plan and we set up objectives that are specific, measurable and actionable.


4. We find out where to kick start your career and we create a strategy through which you can reach your end goal.

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