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Unlock over 16 years of recruitment expertise with us by your side.

Our passion for talent acquisition shines through in every project we tackle. With a track record of delivering exceptional results, we’ve transformed into trusted strategic partners for our clients.
When you choose to work with us, your company’s needs take center stage. We’re dedicated to enhancing your team’s success by sourcing top-tier talent.

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Connect with Evolve Today, your go-to IT recruitment agency specializing in HeadHunting

Our IT recruitment solutions are tailored for companies eager to assemble top-tier teams with the finest-trained professionals in the field. Backed by over 16 years of industry expertise, we’re a premier recruitment company specializing in headhunting and IT recruitment. From software developers and system engineers to IT architects, data analysts, and specialists in security, DevOps, and Java, we have openings waiting for top talent.


IT Recruitment Services

Seeking a strategic ally in IT talent acquisition?

Discover our specialized recruitment services tailored for Software Development roles encompassing
Java, PHP, .NET, Golang, Node.js, JavaScript, DevOps, and beyond. We also excel in recruiting for
Engineering, Security, Network, DBA, Project Management, and many other positions.

With our seasoned team of experts at your side, unlocking top-tier talent in any selection and recruitment process is within reach.

Specialists Recruitment Services

Seeking a savvy collaborator to recruit specialists?

At Evolve Today, our consultants excel in sourcing talent across a spectrum of fields including Sales, Commercial, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Logistics, and more. With our dedicated team by your side, rest assured you’ll discover the ideal candidates poised to propel your business forward.

Services for recruitment of management positions

Are you ready to welcome dynamic and influential leaders into your company’s key management roles?

With our extensive background in executive search and headhunting, we specialize in securing top-notch, results-driven managers. Utilizing cutting-edge strategies, we attract the cream of the crop to ensure your team is comprised of professionals with unparalleled leadership prowess.

Human Resources consultancy services

Seeking a dynamic HR consulting firm to drive your upcoming strategies to success?

Look no further than the Evolve Today team. With our expertise in enhancing HR procedures and navigating the shifting business landscape, we offer a complete suite of services. From career counseling and organizational audits to performance management and optimizing hiring processes, we’re dedicated to elevating your company’s HR practices.


Are you ready to elevate your team with top-tier talent?

Evolve Today stands ready as your strategic recruiting partner.


We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Evolve Today for our recruitment needs, and they helped us identifying and connecting with skilled and talented individuals. They understood our unique business needs and culture and the candidates they presented were an excellent fit for our organization. The professionals they helped us hire have brought a new level of expertise and enthusiasm to our team, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

5 Stars Review

Andrei Ghioghiu CEO - Bluetweak

We only have positive things to share about the collaboration with Evolve Today – we greatly appreciate the support they provided for the various and complex roles, mainly the fact that they were able to adapt to our requirements and to any modifications that arose along the process, and offered solutions when necessary.

We appreciate their patience with us, especially when there were delays on our end.

We hope to collaborate just as well in the future!

5 Stars Review

Liliana Puclici People Manager - Dennemeyer

We have been collaborating with Evolve Today for some time now with the purpose of identifying new colleagues for several roles in our teams and we can say that they became a trusted partner for us.

What we highly appreciate in this collaboration is the consistency of receiving recommendations for our roles and also how our need is understood. The communication is prompt and efficient, as well, and this helps us in filling the need of having fast processes and qualitative results.

For us, the role of a partner is also to offer information regarding the most efficient practices in different stages of the recruitment process and we found this in our collaboration with the Evolve Today team.

5 Stars Review

Narcis Dumitrescu CTO - SelfPay

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Evolve team and especially with Gianinna.

The communication with her was open, we mentioned the profile and especially the person we need in the team, and in a relatively short time, she managed to surprise us with the right persons.

We want this collaboration to be as long as possible and we strongly recommend the Evolve team, especially in the field of recruiting IT specialists.

5 Stars Review

George Lemnaru CEO - Green Horse Games

Evolve Today manages all of our recruitment projects for over 5 years. They have been our partner for over 5 years in expanding our teams with developers, technical leads, managers and infrastructure specialists for all levels of seniority.

They helped bring the right people in our teams and they took responsibility for complex recruitment projects for challenging positions that they filled successfully. They offered consultancy for all our HR processes and they are always quick, direct and focused on results.

I highly recommend the Evolve Today team for any software and infrastructure company that is facing challenges in finding the right people for their teams.

5 Stars Review

Cristian Stămăteanu General Manager – Dominos Byte - Divizie operațională de IT România

Our collaboration with Evolve Today has history, since they have been with us in the last 3 years for many IT recruitment processes for various infrastructure roles.

The Evolve team approached every project with determination, trying to deliver only relevant candidates. What I highly appreciate in her is the deep understanding of human nature, which enabled her not only to deliver the right professional, but the right person for our company.

I am truly grateful and i appreciate my collaboration with Evolve Today and I hope we will have beautiful projects together in the future as well.

5 Stars Review

Smaranda Huluță HRBP L&D - Synevo România

The collaboration with Evolve today and Gianinna in particular (in my case) has proven to be efficient and enjoyable. The communication channel is open and transparent, which proves integrity and reassurance that the team is there to support the client.

Work alongside the client through the difficulties of the market. I sincerely recommend Evolve today team for IT and non-IT recruitment projects.

5 Stars Review

Mădălina Rada HR specialist – Medicover

Evolve Today is one of the recruitment agencies with which we collaborated very well. They adapt to the needs of the clients they work with (eg. the HR reports they have sent us are complete and with a lot of information each and every time). At the same time, they provide valuable input regarding the IT field, from the market. Evolve Today has also always been responsive to our requirements.

I like that Evolve Today team has a ‘can do’ attitude and acts professionally, even if some IT roles come with their challenges. I think that this is proof of the fact that they want to surpass themselves, an attitude that, I admit, I would like to see more often in the recruitment agencies in Romania.

5 Stars Review

Flavia Manuca (Bogdan) Recruitment Manager – Ness Digital Engineering