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It has been brought to our attention that recently job ads posted under the Evolve today name have appeared on various platforms.

Candidates have been solicited money and personal documents to advance the recruitment process.

Such ads are illegal and do not come from the Evolve today recruiters.
Evolve today has no recruitment fees for candidates and does not request personal documents via applications such as WhatsApp.

We have contacted the competent authorities, and if you have been asked for money / documents online on behalf of Evolve today, please contact us to continue the legal proceedings against these practices.


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Evolve Today manages all of our recruitment projects for over 5 years. They have been our partner for over 5 years in expanding our teams with developers, technical leads, managers and infrastructure specialists for all levels of seniority.

They helped bring the right people in our teams and they took responsibility for complex recruitment projects for challenging positions that they filled successfully. They offered consultancy for all our HR processes and they are always quick, direct and focused on results.

I highly recommend the Evolve Today team for any software and infrastructure company that is facing challenges in finding the right people for their teams.

5 Stars Review

Cristian Stămăteanu General Manager – Dominos Byte - Divizie operațională de IT România

Our collaboration with Evolve Today has history, since they have been with us in the last 3 years for many IT recruitment processes for various infrastructure roles.

The Evolve team approached every project with determination, trying to deliver only relevant candidates. What I highly appreciate in her is the deep understanding of human nature, which enabled her not only to deliver the right professional, but the right person for our company.

I am truly grateful and i appreciate my collaboration with Evolve Today and I hope we will have beautiful projects together in the future as well.

5 Stars Review

Smaranda Huluță HRBP L&D - Synevo România

The collaboration with Evolve today and Gianinna in particular (in my case) has proven to be efficient and enjoyable. The communication channel is open and transparent, which proves integrity and reassurance that the team is there to support the client.

Work alongside the client through the difficulties of the market. I sincerely recommend Evolve today team for IT and non-IT recruitment projects.

5 Stars Review

Mădălina Rada HR specialist – Medicover

Working with Evolve Today I had a pleasant surprise in finding the ideal candidates, in a very niched industry. They were able to find the right people for our team and fill up roles like: Technical Director, Project Managers, HVAC Engineers, MEP Engineers, Marketing Specialists, Content Specialists, HR Specialist, CEO Executive Assistant and many other roles for facility management.

They understood the profiles of the candidates that we needed perfectly, and they provided a quality list, full of potential out of which we selected the ideal candidates for us.

I highly recommend Evolve Today as a recruitment partner if you want to fill up roles fast and with quality candidates.

5 Stars Review

Dana Dragomir HR Manager – Genesis Property & West Gate Studios

I worked very closely with Evolve Today during my time at AMOMA, after taking over the Software Development Director position, and I can say it was a real pleasure.

Every time we were facing a recruitment challenge, Evolve Today was always there to help

I warmly recommend them, and I hope that I will have the chance to work together again very soon.

5 Stars Review

Mihai Crăciun Software Development Director - AMOMA

Working with Evolve Today was the best solution and business decision I ever took as a Recruitment Manager. Our collaboration with Evolve was very efficient all together, from externalising the recruitment process to getting proper consultancy.

Together we managed to close very diversified recruitment projects which were crucial for implementing the expansion of our business, AMOMA Romania.

After working together for a year and a half we decided to work exclusively with Evolve Today, due to the very high quality of their recommendations and the short delivery time.

5 Stars Review

Mădălina Rati Recruitment Manager - AMOMA